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What Makes a Good Contractor Site?


You can find some contractor websites that can easily coax people to give them a call while there are those that are ineffective. Site designers are aware that there are four elements that often make sites generate calls from possible customers.



The site should be wholesome, friendly, and professional.



A contractor wanted to have a skull and crossbones on the site logo. This wouldn't be good in the customer's perspective and it's most likely that the customer would think twice about letting the professional into their home. A contractor should always remember that most of the online users are women and the men have wives too. That's why colors, designs, and logos should be appealing to both men and women. Be sure to visit this website at  https://www.britannica.com/topic/contractor for more info about contractors.



The following are the elements of what a friendly yet professional site should be:



The colors and layout should be friendly and visually appealing.

The text should be written well and free from grammatical lapses.

The site should be easy to navigate to make sure that the products are easy to find.

The site should work all throughout and there should no technical glitches.

The site should work in all search engines and it should load well. One of the popular technical glitches to consider is slow loading. That's why it should not be populated with too many images and animation that makes it hard to load.



One other element is that of a clear list of services and areas served. From the start, the site should tell the visitor right away what products or services you are dealing with and in what area. The visitor should not be kept wondering if he or she is in the right site.



You have to make the site attractive to your target audience.

If you after high-end customers, make sure that you focus on quality and great customer reviews especially from the Better Business Bureau. If you also want to reach out to the commercial market, you can add some websites for contractors and different businesses.



The site should also have one of the basic elements which is call to action. It's like the business owner lets the site visitor to do something. Every page should have a call to action. The customers should also be given the contact details of the company for them to email or call anytime.



A good websites for contractors pre-sells your company which means that by the time the site visitor gets on the site he or she is already 90 percent certain of hiring your company.